13 Strong Cocktail Recipes, And How To Make Them ASAP


For whatever reason, you may need a strong drink right now. Or maybe you don’t need it, but you saw this headline and thought, “Ah yes, I’d love a slight numbing agent in my body at this particular moment!”

By “strong drink,” we’re not talking about a champagne cocktail or a spritz. We’re talking about more potent drinks, the ones that travel down the back of your throat with a velvety burn and cozy up in the pit of your belly like a long winter’s nap.

Even if your bar isn’t fully stocked, you’ve got this. Below are recipes that use vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin and more. So make sure you’ve got your ice cube trays locked and loaded, maybe make a quick trip to the store for fresh citrus and carbonated mixers (that club soda you opened in August is probably flat by now!), and you’re well on your way to cocktail nirvana.

Let’s not waste any more time ― here are the cocktail recipes you came here for.

Best Old Fashioned (whiskey: rye or bourbon)
Garnish With Lemon
Gin Martini
Garnish With Lemon
Bourbon Aperol Cocktails
Garnish With Lemon
Classic Gimlet (gin)
A Beautiful Mess
Classic Negroni (gin)
A Beautiful Mess
Vodka Martini
A Beautiful Mess
Perfect Manhattan Cocktail (whiskey)
Garnish With Lemon
Aperol Gin Cocktail
Garnish With Lemon
Tequila Mojito
Garnish With Lemon
Tequila Old Fashioned
Garnish With Lemon
Moscow Mule (vodka)
Cooks With Cocktails
Sidecar (cognac)
A Beautiful Mess
Classic Lime Margarita On The Rocks (tequila)
Cooks With Cocktails

We don’t recommend drinking in excess as a coping mechanism. If alcohol consumption is affecting your life beyond today, reach out for help. In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.

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